The Relevance of Effective Ballast Water Treatment Systems for Shipping Industries


In order to be able to operate ships safely and efficiently, shipping and seawater industries require effective ballast water treatment systems. In fact, Ballast water is released into the sea for stabilizing ships at the sea as well as for maintaining their safety. This particular practice has become prominent after the launch of steel hull based vessels.  It helps in minimizing any sort of stress on the hull, offers transverse stability, enhances maneuverability and propulsion and offers compensation for changes in the weight at numerous cargo loading levels.

However, ballast water is harmful to our economic, health and ecological systems as it carries a wide variety of marine related species such as cysts, microbes, bacteria, small invertebrates, eggs as well as larvae of numerous species. According to the data released by the IMO (International Maritime Organization) over three to five billion tons of water from the sea as well as seven thousands marine species is carried along by the ship in its ballast water every year. These species may later survive to build its own populations in the ballast environment and become invasive, thereby out numbering the native marine species in terms of population. This has a disastrous effect on our economy as well as environment. This is precisely why governments of almost all the countries have been stressing on ballast water treatment systems for ships so that they could prevent such species to spread and further infest the ecosystems.

This is exactly where leading and reputed water treatment systems & water disinfections solutions & products providing companies come into picture. Using Chlorine dioxide generators and other products & solutions, they offer the most appropriate water treatment systems and solutions for treating ballast waters and making it less harmful for the environment.

Water treatments providing companies offer advanced ballast water treatment and management systems for rendering organisms harmless and non-reproductive. They emphasize on using practical, protective and accurate ballast water treatment and management systems for the benefit of the shipping industry. They have the requisite experience for offering advanced water treatment systems and solutions. Water treatment companies are also equipped to offer the latest technological solutions that are designed to match the requirements of their clients. Their water treating solutions are scalable and of the highest quality and standards. Their ballast water treatment process is highly effective as it double filters the micro-organisms from the water and makes it apt for the sea.

When it comes to offering Ballast Water Treatment Systems & solutions, they use chlorine dioxide generators to get rid of harmful bacteria and disinfectants, which may further contaminate the water. One of the biggest advantages of Chlorine Dioxide is that it has exceptional veridical, algicidal and bactericidal properties that further aids in disinfecting water and preventing algae growth. Some of the advantages of using chlorine dioxide generators include cost minimization for shipping industries and improved operational efficiency. Apart from shipping industries, the chlorine dioxide treatment solution is also excellent for bio fouling, petrochemical industries, water treatment facilities, pharmaceutical industries, fertilizer plants, cooling water plants as well as pulp producing industries.

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