The Importance of Ballast Water Treatment Systems for Ships


Shipping industries and companies move more than eighty percent of the commodities and products across the globe. However, during the process of moving commodities from one country to another, their ships end up transferring huge quantities of ballast water from one place to another every year. Ballast water is needed for smooth, efficient and safe operation of modern ships as it provides them with a great deal of stability and balance. But it also poses serious threats to our economy, health and ecology. Here, discover the importance of ballast water treatment systems for ships and shipping industries in general.

The Need for Ballast water treatment systems

According to the United Nations, ships that carry ballast water in their tanks also transport over three thousand non-indigenous aquatic species from one ocean to another every year. This further poses a serious threat to our environment globally. The ballast water consists of harmful species like microbes, cysts, bacteria, eggs and invertebrates that spread as well as infest our ecosystems. This is one of the major reasons why shipping companies and industries rely on ballast water treatment systems to eliminate dangerous species from expanding and further causing harm to the overall ecosystems. The presence of these species can disrupt the balance of our ecosystems and result in environmental hazards. This imbalance has a negative impact on our biodiversity as well as industries like aquaculture and fishing.  As a result, shipping industries and companies resort to reputed and leading water treatment systems and products providing companies. The water disinfectant solutions and systems providing companies use advanced and innovative Chlorine dioxide generators for treating ballast water effectively. They emphasize on making the water appropriate for the environment and further getting rid of dangerous species.

Water treatment companies use technologically advanced ballast water treatment systems that are built to operate in accordance with the marine companies. These systems offer filtration as well as Ultra-Violet treatment in a compact and single unit. They are also easy to install and operate and boast of rugged quality and construction. Additionally, these ballast water systems consume minimal power and are fully automated, which enables shipping companies to operate them smoothly and effectively.

Water treatment companies also focus on using advanced and innovative ballast water systems that meet as well as exceed the USCG and IMO standards. Their systems are highly scalable and flexible, which makes them an excellent choice for shipping industries and companies that are desperate to get rid of invasive aquatic species from their tanks and ballast water.

These systems use chlorine dioxide for treating and disinfecting ballast water that carries innumerable species along with it in their ships. These water treatment systems are economical for shipping companies as ship owners save a huge amount of money in terms of maintenance cost. The ballast water systems offer minimal ballast water tank corrosion even when the tank’s coating cracks or is compromised in one or the other way.

To sum up, ballast water treatment systems are an apt choice for shipping companies that want to discharge safe and disinfected water at ports.

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