Marine Sanitation Device- Its Types, Uses and Benefits


MSD is another name that is used to describe Marine Sanitation Device and is put to use extensively to treat sewage water that keeps collecting on the water vessels. This is an extremely useful device and hence very popular all over the world. This neat gadget is very helpful for those who work on ships as this device is made to maintain proper sanitation on the ships. The device processes human waste and grey water before being dumped into the ocean, so that way you get to be a responsible citizen who does his or her part for the environment. This sanitation device is not very difficult to use, only a couple of days of training and you can use it without problems.

Its Main Uses

This machinery is primarily used to treat incoming grey water or black water that collects on a vessel. Grey water comes from the machinery, sink or shower that is located within the scullery. In usual circumstances the grey water is removed overboard and since it is not sewage it does not harm the environment; to take care of the situation the piping carrying the grey water is connected to a MSD. The black water comes from the toilets and it comprises of human wastes and this is considered to be sewage. Any sewage that is not treated cannot be disposed overboard. As per the rules laid down by the IMO, sewage that is not treated cannot be dumped into the ocean unless the ship or boat is at least 12 nautical miles away from the nearest port. This black water is treated by the MSD by using chlorine and then it is released overboard.

Different Types of Marine Sanitation Devices

Type I

This version of the machine has a flow running from a discharge setup and the sewage is processed by breaking down using chlorine. In this way the bacteria content is reduced substantially. This type of MSD leaves no traces of floating solids. The machine also depends on maceration and chlorination to break down bacteria.

Type II

In this type of Marine Sanitation Device, the sewage is reduced by using aerobic bacteria and other biological processes. The type two of the MSD thus depends on aerobic and biological digestion of any bacteria to treat the sewage.

Type III

This particular type is quite different than the other two. This device is a big storage tank that contains untreated or treated sewage water until the ship gets to a port. The sewage is deposited onshore and is treated further.

Benefits of the Device

Here are some of the benefits of using the Marine Sanitation Device. Check these out to get inspired:

  • Waste disposal becomes a lot easier
  • Maintain the sanitation of the seas and oceans
  • The machine treats the waste products properly by breaking them down
  • The installation is very easy and can be done within a short period
  • The machine needs minimum maintenance

The most important part of a Marine Sanitation Device is a sanitation hose; you will have many options when it comes to choosing. Remember choose the one that will suit your purpose, do not go by someone else’s opinion. When it comes to buying the machine you must do quite a bit of research and locate reliable brands only. Consult the experts before buying the devices and their parts to get the best benefits.

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