Few Important Facts on Water Purification via Water Treatment Systems


‘Water is another name of life’- this universal truth is known by all. But do you know that nearly 80% of human body consists of water and thus water contributes a huge part of human existence? Not only for drinking, but you need water in your day to day life for various other purpose too, starting from cooking, cleaning, washing, bathing etc. Water has no substitute and hence water is precious. But unfortunately this valuable natural resource is getting polluted day by day due to our unhealthy activities and this needs to be checked on a priority basis.

Reasons and results of water pollution

The main source of water is river, lakes and rain (which ultimately gets deposited into the lakes/river). But this huge reservoir of water gets polluted and the maximum credit goes to the industrial waste and the human waste. The level of dust and dirt makes this precious life-saving liquid incompatible for drinking. However, drinking polluted water is detrimental for health; it can cause several deadly diseases starting from Arsenic contamination to numerous other infectious diseases which hamper our digestive systems. Moreover, use of this dirt filled water while bathing can call in unwanted skin problems and may even cause leprosy.

Water purification- Remedy to water pollution

We all need water; one cannot refuse its existence in their life. So, in order to save ourselves from the harmful effects of water pollution, what we can do is to purify water and make it suitable for use. This process of purifying water from all pollutants and contaminants is known as water purification and it is done through the water treatment systems. These are large scale systems, designed exclusively to filter all the harmful contaminants from water encompassing bacteria, dust, dirt, mud and obviously heavy metals. This cleaning process do not cause any harm to the original goodness of water but on the contrary it increases it safety quotient.

Different types of water treatment systems

One important type of water treatment system is the chlorine dioxide generator. This is a special kind of water purification generator and is much superior to chloride itself. Dichloride is basically a yellow gas which looks like some vibrant acrid color. The dichloride component readily oxidized any harmful chemical present in water like iron salts and many more, making the water germ and metal free. The purified water tastes sweet and hence you can consume more water without any worry and health issues. Apart from this water purification systems, there are also some special treatments known as ballast water treatment system or ballast water treatment system for ships which are extremely useful to purify the stored water on travelling vessels like ships.

Consumption of enough water round the clock is not only a basic necessity of life but is also very important for health. But with the increase of pollution in the environment, water on earth is also getting massively polluted and becoming inconsumable. In this situation, the best way to clean polluted water is through the special water treatment systems. These purify the water, make it consumable and keep away the deadly water-borne diseases.

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