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Chlorine Dioxide is a yellow gas with an arcid colour. In a concentration of more than 10% by volume in air it is explosive, but it is quite harmless in solution in water and used under vacuum.

It is highly effective oxidizing agent with powerful deodorizing and bleaching properties. Its action on pathogenic substances is at least equal to that of chlorine. Capital Controls India as Chlorination Manufacturers Middle East is a leading provider of comprehensive water treatments products. It should be used in reference to chlorine whenever the water to be treated contains traces of phenol which are able to combine with the chlorine giving the water the unpleasant taste of chlorophenol. It quickly oxidizes iron salts, which it converts into insoluble ferric hydroxide. Similarly, when used in excess of a concentration which varies with the pH of the water, it precipitates manganese salts in the form of manganese dioxide. Used at the pre chlorination stage, it therefore enables these metals to be eliminated. Chlorine dioxide is invariably produced oh the spot by reacting chlorine or hydrochloric acid in solution with sodium chlorite.

Three process

1) Chlorite/Chlorine /Sulphuric Acid

2) Chlorite/Hydrochloric Acid

3) Chlorite/Chlorine

Chlorine Dioxide, Is a very powerful disinfectant and kills bacteria, germs and other contaminating organisms, it is created by combining Sodium Chloride and Hypo chloric acid. It does not react with other chemicals. Chlorine Dioxide has excellent bactericidal, verucidal and algicidal properties and because of this it is used to disinfect water and prevent the growth of algae

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  • Cost saving through low usage of chemicals
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Operating parameters and monitoring services
  • Require safety measures and kits
  • Advanced and Integrated Engineering
  • Low life cycle cost
Application of use
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Seawater Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Pulp making Industries
  • Bio Fouling
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Cooling water plants
  • Petrochemical